Physical Chemistry Hour Examinations

CHEM 441 Fall 1999

CHEM 441 Fall 2000

CHEM 441 Fall 2001

CHEM 442 Spring 1999

CHEM 442 Spring 2000

CHEM 442 Spring 2001

Note: Final Examinations consist of standardized tests produced by the Examinations Committee of the Division of Chemical Education of the American Chemical Society. The final examination for CHEM 441 is the Thermodynamics Examination and for CHEM 442 consists of both the Kinetics/Dynamics and Quantum Chemistry/Spectroscopy Examinations.

These available hour examinations are representative of the tests given in my sections of physical chemistry and are provided as study tools for students at CofC. Please note that the actual topics covered in any given examination may vary somewhat from one test to another each year depending on the textbook used and on the academic calendar, so be sure to look at all of the examinations.